There are not many limitations when it comes to living with a cochlear implant, but there are a few things to remember:

  • Contact sports, such as football and boxing, which can result in severe blows to the head, require head protection.
  • Cochlear implant sound processors offer a high level of water resistance – however they are not waterproof. You need to remove your sound processor before going into the water; some accessories allow your processor to be used in some situations.
  • Check with your implant programme before you have any MRI scans.
  • Most MRI scans can be undertaken with a cochlear implant (including the internal magnet) in place. However if you need a high-strength MRI scan or a brain scan, the magnet can be removed through a relatively simple surgical procedure.

Risk of device failure

As with any technical devices, there is a risk that a cochlear implant could stop working. This occurs very rarely. If your implant did fail, the faulty device can be removed and replaced.