Guidelines for referring children or adults to the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme.

Who can refer to the SCIP?

Referrals are accepted from ENT Specialists, Audiologists, and Advisors on Deaf Children.

Referral criteria

  • No minimum/maximum age.
  • Adults must be medically cleared for surgery.
  • Must be a New Zealand citizen or have permanent residency to be eligible for public funding.

Prior to referral to the Cochlear Implant Programme, patients should have been fitted with appropriate hearing aids and found to receive little or no significant benefit.
Generally, cochlear implant candidates should have spoken language as a primary goal. Appropriate exceptions may be those with additional physical or cognitive limitations. Candidacy in these cases is best determined by the cochlear implant assessment team. If in doubt please refer your patient for an assessment.

If you have any questions or would like to refer your patient/client please contact

Clinical Coordinator
Free: 0800 500 405
Ph: 03 355 3041
FAX: 03 355 3045
Mob: 027 355 3041