International Cochlear Implant Day is truly something to celebrate here in Aotearoa. Join us today (25 February) as we celebrate cochlear implants and their ability to give people access to the sounds of life.

Each year the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme is funded by the Government to provide implants for 60 profoundly deaf adults and 23 profoundly deaf children, Chief Executive Neil Heslop says.

“We are celebrating that we have a total number of 1,357 patients to care for as cochlear implants have such an enormous impact on people and their families,” Neil says.

“The cochlear implant technology improves their lives immeasurably and that means there’s an excellent social, community and economic return on the Government’s investment.”

“There are so many people in our community who have hearing difficulties that on International Cochlear Implant Day it’s particularly important to prompt them to seek help from an audiologist in case this technology can re-introduce them to the hearing world.”

Cochlear implants change lives. We’d love to hear from you – how has a cochlear implant changed your life?