Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will to SCIP is a powerful commitment to a cause you believe in.

It will ensure that the ever-increasing number of people who need us will be helped through their hearing journey and supported for their lifetime.

By leaving a gift in your will, you can ensure that SCIP will always be there for those in need. SCIP is many things to many people – a support system, a new beginning, a chance to re-enter society.

Whatever SCIP has meant to you in your lifetime, you can continue your support by choosing to include us in your will.

We encourage you to consider SCIP in your legacy giving after providing for your loved ones and we can assist you with the process to include us in your will.

There are many ways to give, whether it be a percentage of your estate, a fixed sum or an asset.

We welcome you to talk to us today about structuring your will to enable your gift to make the most impact, how we can thank you in your life time and the ways in which your kind support can be recognised.