How you can help

The work we do is life-changing. For a person with profound hearing loss, life is filled with challenges. The impacts on family, social, educational and work-lives are very real and often debilitating. This is why we try to make the benefits of a cochlear implant more easily attainable.

As a registered charity operating as a not-for-profit, we aim to keep our fees and costs to a minimum in an effort to make cochlear implant technology accessible to as many people as possible. But because demand often exceeds Whaikaha (Ministry of Disabled People) funding, we look to fundraising and charitable donations to help those in real need.

“I was in survival mode on a daily basis. I felt out of touch with the world, my family, my work. I felt like I wasn’t contributing. Just a few weeks after receiving my implants I realised I didn’t have to struggle every day. After ten years of silence I was able to re-enter what is essentially a hearing world. I had hope and a plan – I could make goals and recreate my life which I can now live to the fullest.” – Michelle, cochlear implant recipient

There are many ways in which you can support our work, whether it be through personal support, business partnerships or legacy giving.

We invite you to talk to us today about how you can make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling with the challenges of profound hearing loss.

Southern Cochlear Implant Programme