Making a personal donation

By making a gift to the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme, you will help us to provide life-changing technology and ongoing support to people in great need.

For those patients who require financial support towards their cochlear implant, your contribution will help with all aspects of their journey – from the implantation operation and the devices themselves, to the specialist ongoing care they need to ensure their implant is working effectively and they are best able to utilise the technology.

Donate now to make an immediate difference in the lives of those struggling with profound hearing loss.

You can also make direct deposits into our account. Please use your name as the reference and email us at so we can ensure you receive your tax receipt.


Southern Cochlear Implant Programme

Southern Cochlear Implant Programme

Partnering with us

SCIP has special relationships with donors who have chosen to make significant contributions to our cause to enable us to make real and lasting impact. There are many reasons why people choose to support SCIP and we are inspired by the motivations of those who choose to give. For some, seeing their family members or friends become disconnected and debilitated because of hearing loss is a driving factor. For others, they themselves have been affected by diminished hearing and believe the challenges are not talked about enough or addressed in our communities.

“Hearing loss dramatically cuts productivity for those affected in the community; parts of their lives are limited, they often think they can’t contribute, some stay in the same jobs not progressing as they believe they can’t be of any good somewhere else, some people not able to work at all.  If something is not done about their hearing loss they are forced to adjust to silence in a hearing world. It is isolating, lonely and hard. After seeing the difference a cochlear implant could make to people affected in such a challenging way, there was no question that this was a cause I wanted to support. After giving my contribution, seeing the SCIP facility and meeting patients whose lives had been changed, I knew I had made a wonderful decision and I was truly heartened.”   – Helen, significant contributor to SCIP

We invite you to speak with us today about how you can make a significant contribution to SCIP, how your gift can help others in need and the ways we could recognise your generosity.

Become a friend of SCIP

A SCIP patient is in our care for life. The journey for a patient begins with an implant, but it does not stop there. Each patient needs ongoing, specialist care and will continue to need our support for their lifetime.

By making a regular gift to SCIP, you will help us to support the more than 1000 patients who are already in our care and allow us to plan for the future support of the many more who will come into our service each year.

A little from you will mean a lot to someone else.

A gift of just $20 a week will support our rehabilitation staff to help people learn to interpret sound and re-enter a hearing world.

A gift of $120 per month will support the purchase of cochlear implant devices for patients who are unable to meet the technology cost.

You can choose how often you give, and the amount. However you decide to regularly support SCIP, you will be a part of the hearing journey for hundreds of New Zealanders and allow us to plan for increasing need in the knowledge we have secure, ongoing funding.

“I was at the edge of a cliff before I got my implants and had started to avoid situations and people, I had even resigned from my job because I didn’t think I had anything to offer. Now, it is like a miracle every morning when I put my receivers on and I can hear again. I am reminded daily of how lucky I am to have a tool that’s allowed me back into the world and I am so I am grateful every day for the difference this has made in my life.” – Michelle, cochlear implant recipient.