SCIP and Remote Care durng COVID-19 Level 4

(This News item is available as a PDF downloadable from here).

While the country is at Level 4 Alert in the COVID-19 pandemic, the SCIP is only able to provide emergency services. Details of the services we can provide are listed on the banner at the top of our web-page:

If patients have needs that they feel can’t be met by a simple phone call, text, or email to our emergency contact service, we can arrange an online meeting through video- or audio-conference:




We use a tool called Whereby; this tool only requires access to a web-browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It can be used without installing any applications, is free to use, and can be made secure for one-to-one conversations. If you don’t have a camera it can still be used with audio. It has a chat function so you can send messages during a meeting.

If you wish to arrange a meeting with SCIP staff send an email to;

Send details of;

  • Who you wish to talk to
  • What your concern is

Once we receive a request we’ll contact you to arrange a time for a meeting, and details of how to connect. Depending on circumstances, the staff member you usually talk to may not be available.

If we have concerns that you may need a re-MAP or a programming change to your processor, we may be able to do this remotely with our Home-Based equipment – this will be discussed with you at the time. It might not suit everyone.

Depending on the success of this tool, we may extend this videoconference feature beyond the COVID-19 Level 4 period.