The SCIP has recently reviewed the information it provides to both referrers and patients about our services. The result is a new publication, and this can be downloaded here. It is also available on our web-site ( for download as a PDF under the “Publications” section.

The brochure is designed to provide the sort of information patients need in order to make an informed decision about whether a cochlear implant might be for them or, in the case of the referrer, whether to make a referral themselves.

We have included details of the most important aspects of the cochlear implant process. There is information about when an implant may be indicated, how to make a referral, and what a patient can expect during an assessment. For those progressing to an implant, there is information about surgery, the schedule of follow up care and appointments, and what outcomes could be expected with an implant.

The last section in the brochure deals with funding.

The Ministry of Health funds cochlear implants for both children and adults. While funding meets need for children’s implants at the moment, adult funding does not meet demand and as a result funding is prioritized for adults.

For any adult who, after assessment, does not have high enough priority to receive Ministry of Health funding, we provide information about private options. We offer implant systems from all the major implant companies. We appreciate that the cost may be prohibitive for many people; for this reason, and as a registered charity, we try and keep our charges as low as possible. We look to charitable income to assist with this.

The publication is subject to change as both our service and the cochlear implant process changes. We will send out any future updates.

The publication is not designed to be a comprehensive guide to cochlear implantation, or our service. We welcome any other questions you may have that are not addressed here, as well as any suggestions for changes to the brochure.