The SCIP would like to advise that it now offers the Oticon Medical Cochlear Implant system. This system is available for private patients; for funded patients the SCIP continues to use Cochlear Limited as its majority supplier.

The Oticon Medical system is based on the Neurelec system. Neurelec SA is (was) a French company that was acquired by Oticon Medical’s parent company (William Demant) in 2013. Neurelec had more than 30 years of experience offering cochlear implant systems, mostly in European countries.

Information about the Oticon Medical cochlear implant system can be found on their web-site here.

The Oticon Medical system is supported from within New Zealand, based at the Oticon NZ office in Wellington. Patients who may be considering funding their own cochlear implant are welcome to contact the SCIP Christchurch clinic for more details. Queries can be addressed to: or by phoning 0800 500 405, SMS 027 355 3041.