The Southern Hearing Charitable Trust (SHCT) has among its objects a desire to increase the attainability of cochlear implants for members of the general public who would benefit from the same, and to provide the opportunity for each individual to reach their full potential particularly in respect of their auditory-verbal skills. The SHCT has a charitable grants committee that provides individuals the opportunity to apply for funds to assist them with cochlear implant costs.

Personal Grant Applications

From time to time the SHCT receives charitable grants from anonymous benefactors to assist individuals in their pursuit of a cochlear implant. The SHCT accepts applications from individuals to assist with the costs associated with pursuing a cochlear implant. Applications for funds in this category will be assessed once a year in February.

Applicants must:

  • Have previously been accepted as a candidate for a cochlear implant based on accepted clinical criteria
  • Be NZ residents
  • Sign a form declaring that they do not have the means to provide for all of the costs of an implant themselves
  • Not be receiving Ministry of Health, ACC or other state funding to meet the costs of any procedure, including ongoing unmet costs
  • Be resident in the catchment area of the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme

Grant applications will be accepted for costs of treatment, including:

  • Hospital costs
  • Surgical fees
  • Consultation fees
  • Cochlear Implant System
  • Speech Processor Replacements

Applications for funds should be made on the GRANT APPLICATION FORM and are required to include;

  • The name, address and contact details of the applicant
  • A short personal statement
  • Details of the grant requested, including specific costs
  • Confirmation of a completed cochlear implant assessment, including supporting documentation from health or other professionals
  • Information about funding you are seeking from any other organization
  • Any other relevant information.

The value of a single grant application will not exceed $45,000. Applications should be made no later than 28 February in any year.


Applications for personal grants should be submitted to:

The Chair
Southern Hearing Charitable Trust Grants Committee
c/- Milford Chambers
St. George’s Hospital
249 Papanui Road
Christchurch 8014