Press Release

Budget 2019 is now days away. We’re calling on the Minister of Health to urgently fund an additional 80 cochlear implants for adults each year, for the most urgent patients, and to clear the current waiting list of nearly 200 people. For our patients a cochlear implant is the only treatment that will restore their hearing. We know it works, and without funding they’ll remain deaf for the rest of their lives. They’ll experience depression and anxiety, and will lose all that they have; family relationships, community, and jobs.

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Nikki Cleine is one of our Rehabilitationists. She works with adult candidates and recipients. Click on the link below to hear her story;

Nikki’s Story – Ending the Silence

Nikki describes the impact a cochlear implant has had on her life – from hearing her youngest son for the first time, to regaining her confidence and ability to work. Nikki began to lose her hearing in her mid-twenties. This video shows how profound hearing loss affected not only Nikki, but also her husband and children.