Home-Based MAPping service – Coming Soon!

Do you find travelling to the clinic difficult or expensive? Would you prefer to have your reMAP done at home? If you are a Cochlear Limited recipient and use an N5 or an N6 speech processor and the possibility of home-based

University of Canterbury – Emeritus Professor Brian Moore

Brian Moore is Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception in the University of Cambridge.  His research focuses on the perception of sound by people with normal and impaired hearing, and on the design and fitting of hearing aids.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Acoustical Society of…


Cochlear Limited Announce Kanso Release

Cochlear Limited announce the release of a new off-the-ear product. The Cochlear™ Kanso™ Sound Processor will be available for recipients to purchase from myCochlear™ Online Store from  9th February 2017. You can download a product information sheet*. Please be advised, at the time of launch, the Kanso Sound Processor will only be available via the…


Breaking the Sounds of Silence – Pindrop CI Forum

The Pindrop Foundation announce details of “Breaking the Sounds of Silence 2017 – A forum for the adult cochlear implant community and health professionals” to be held on Saturday 11 March 2017 in Auckland.

Cochlear Limited Launches Web-site myCochlear™

Cochlear Limited is launching a new web-site myCochlear™ for patients. This new personalised online space allows patients to shop, get A+ support resources and product information to help you make the most of your hearing life with Cochlear. Patients can enjoy the following benefits: Optimising Cochlear technology with support and hearing practice tools, how-to and…


Rechargeable Batteries for Med-El Sonnet Audio Processors

MED-EL has launched rechargeable battery options for the Sonnet Audio Processor.  These will be available as part of the standard switch-on or upgrade kit for those patients newly implanted or upgraded. MED-EL is also generously providing all existing Sonnet users with a set of 3 standard size rechargeable batteries, an adapter, and a recharging unit…